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6989 Corte Santa Fe, San Diego, California 92121, United States
Event Sales and Design at Pacific Event Productions
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
Casey Murphy Operations and Product Specialist Manager at kool. Party Rentals
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San Diego, CA, United States
Regional Sales Manager at Lounge Appeal, Inc
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San Diego, CA, United States
Director of Operations at Backdrops Beautiful
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Newport Beach, CA, United States
Carly Lalim at La Tavola Fine Linen
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San Diego, CA, United States
Janet Johnson at GBS Linens
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Los Angeles, CA, United States
Since 1983, BBJ has been the leader and pioneer in linen rental for the event industry. BBJ estab...
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5070 Santa Fe St, San Diego, CA 92109, United States
What we do is unique… Unlike the hundreds of other options out there, SOS has built a team ...
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3904 Riley St, San Diego, CA 92110, United States
Account Executive at American Furniture Rentals
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80 Red Schoolhouse Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977, United States
Cloth Connection is proud to welcome you to our linen rental website which contains the latest tr...
San Diego, CA
My team and I service all levels of clients throughout California and Las Vegas.  We do all types...
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Santa Cruz, California, United States
Rod has facilitated more that $20 million in cash donations to schools, non-profits and altruisti...
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Los Angeles, CA, United States
Rental of Exquisite Linen and Exclusive Chargers
Phoenix, AZ
Creating amazing visual stories is what makes me tick. With a background in branding and marketin...
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8606 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA 92126, United States
Event Specialist at Raphaels Party Rentals
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Palm Desert, CA, United States
I have been in the event industry for nearly 20 years, providing services for the Billboard Music...
Robin Traficanti
Las Vegas, NV, United States
As a 25-year veteran of the hospitality and event industry, I opened the LV office of kool. Party...
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San Diego, CA, United States
Alexa Kochen at Classic Party Rentals
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.00.52 AM.png
San Diego, CA, United States
Event Rental Consultant at Classic Party Rentals
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