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Growing up around expert and traditional cooks in Mexico City, Daniel Arellano was raised to be passionate about food. He immigrated to the United States when he was twenty years old and jumped straight into culinary life by working his first job as a cook. He realized then he wanted to pursue his growing love for food and customer service full time and start his own catering company.

Daniel has collected many recipes throughout the years and applied the knowledge and skills he acquired from his family’s cooking traditions to map out his dreams. Daniel had the ability and training to create a Great Mexican Catering Company, Arellano’s Catering.

All of our events are custom designed to provide a unique experience for your family,business, or group.

Our catering team provides the finest in Mexican Cuisine to your location. We take the pressure off you by taking care of all the details that make your event unique and memorable.

Arellano’s Catering has created unforgettable memories for many friends and families, as well as dozens of companies and organizations, since 2005.

Arellano’s Catering makes all your events a Fiesta!

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