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Car'S Jars
About Car'S Jars

Car’s Jars is unlike any other salad company. Each salad is handmade using seasonal, fresh, locally-sourced produce and homemade vinaigrettes. They are layered in a way that allows them to stay fresh up to five days refrigerated after being delivered to you. When ready to enjoy a salad it is poured out of the jar onto a plate. The dressing finishes the salad along with specific toppings designed for each jar.

Each Car’s Jar is packed with nutritious, delicious ingredients that maintain quality and freshness for days. We purchase all of our produce from Specialty Produce who only buys products from first-tier approved vendors. Each week we make fresh vinaigrettes using olive oil, vinegars, herbs and spices and never add preservatives or sugars. All of our salsas are handmade each week providing you with essential vitamins and minerals. There is never any waste because we buy our produce weekly and fill orders accordingly. Not to mention, we sanitize, recycle and reuse our glass mason jars. We all agree that storage in glass is better than plastic, right? So why not give them a try? Order yours today!

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