San Diego, California Venue
Moniker Warehouse
San Diego, California, United States

About Moniker Warehouse

Moniker Warehouse is the dream factory that started it all, the first page of the story. The brick building that Moniker calls home is a historic landmark that was once a bakery and is now a creative community hub in the East Village neighborhood of downtown San Diego. Moniker Warehouse is a community workspace for a growing number of people, storytellers, and dreamers. Just as we first sought a place to harvest our dreams and foster our purposes, so now do we wish to be that place for others.

The Moniker Warehouse exists to generate stories, produce events, and facilitate good work. What began as the catalyst for Moniker Group is now home to a growing family of entrepreneurs and organizations, each contributing to the East Village’s revitalization, emerging art, and maker movement.

The Warehouse is both part of the neighborhood’s history and a catalyst behind its forward momentum. It is a place for people, with their best interests in mind. By surrounding ourselves with dreamers, we are continuously inspired. And so while we hope to facilitate your dreams, those who enter the Warehouse are also fulfilling ours.

Perfect For
Anniversary, Associations, Awards Show, Baby Shower, Birthday, Celebrations, Classes, Cocktail Party, Concerts, Corporate Event, Corporate Holiday Party, Dinner Party, Experiential Activation, Fashion Show, Festival, Fundraiser, Gala, Holiday Party, Installation/Exhibit, Launch Party, Life Event, Luncheon, Meeting, Mitzvah, Opening Party, Other Event, Photo/Video Shoot, Pop Up, Premiere/Screening, Press Event, Product Launch, Rehearsal Dinner, Social Event, Sporting Event, Virtual Event, Wedding, Wedding Shower
Look and Feel
Industrial, Loft Space, Rustic, Trendy
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